At Al Haseeb Fragrances our main aim is to have you smelling luxurious without breaking the bank. Big brands tend to charge you for more than the fragrance it self, where you end up paying for their marketing, branding, packaging and so on. Al Haseeb Fragrances have instead stripped away all of those costs you would incur when buying a fragrance and providing you with high quality perfume oils which will have you smelling exactly like your favourite branded fragrances




Al Haseeb Fragrances is an official UK distributor for the famous brand Maison Anthony Marmin who was formerly known as Abdul Karim Al Faransi and is the only brand we are actually working with

We at Al Haseeb Fragrances are not associated with any High Street brands in any way shape or form neither do we sell fragrances made by them, we only sell Perfume Oils which are inspired by them

Additionally if you have any skin conditions please consult with your Doctor/Medical Advisor before ordering our products. Al Haseeb Fragrances does not take any responsibility if you purchase our products should they affect your skin.